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Hotel Luggage Racks

Suitcase stands offer guests the convenience to easily store their suitcases up off the ground. Wholesale Hotel Products offers a wide selection for hotels, condominiums, rental properties, home and more! Select from wooden luggage racks, metal luggage racks or composite luggage racks.

A hotel luggage rack in every room allows guests to quickly unpack their suitcases so they can easily access clothing and travel essentials.


Material type is a major factor when considering luggage racks. Our suitcase stands are made from durable materials like wood and metal and are designed to hold large amounts of weight. We even have a heavy-duty composite luggage rack that is made from 100% recycled materials, great for eco-friendly properties.


Choose from a wide range of finish options to match your current guest room decor. Do you have a guest room with a more contemporary design? Our innovative square tube metal luggage racks offer a unique look and add to the overall room decor and experience.


A folding luggage rack means you can quickly and easily store in closets when not in use. Our wooden and metal luggage racks are lightweight, making it easy for anyone to fold and move to the designated storage space.


Put your tools away because our luggage racks ship fully assembled and are ready to use right out of the box.


Join other hotels, condominiums, rental properties and homes in choosing Wholesale Hotel Products as your supplier of quality hotel luggage racks.


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