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Bellman's Cart Buying Guide

Bellman's Cart Buying Guide

For any property manager, choosing a bellman's cart can be a daunting task. Since the lobby is the first impression guests have of your property, overlooking this task may result in a negative first impression. To help with the buying process, we have developed a Bellman's Cart Buying Guide to assist you with choosing the perfect type of cart for your property.

The first important aspect to keep in mind when considering a bellman’s cart purchase is determining the type of property you have. Are you a small sized property with little foot traffic, a full service, luxury property with a constant flow of customers or somewhere in between? Optimum performance and ultimately, the lifespan of a bellman’s cart is based on the everyday “wear and tear” from its’ residences. Once you have made this critical determination, the purchasing process becomes easier.

An important key in determining the right cart for your property is comparing the size of your property to the size of the bellman’s cart’s frame tubing. The thicker the frame’s tubing, the more durable the cart. Typically, the frame thickness of a bellman’s cart ranges from 0.75”-2” in diameter. Smaller, more economical properties with lighter traffic and more short stay business clientele would get good use from a bellman’s cart with a 0.75”- 1” diameter frame tubing (suggested cart: Value Valet Bellman's Cart- Chrome Finish)  Luxury or extended stay properties with more vacation type customers should consider carts with frame tubing at 2” (suggested cart: Grand Lux Bellman's Cart- Stainless Steel Finish). For full service properties that are a mix of both types of guests, carts with the 1.25”-1.50” frame tubing should work well (suggested cart: Elite Valet Bellman's Cart). Ultimately, the thickness of the frame measures the overall sturdiness and expected durability of a cart. The diameter of the frame tubing and usage time play a vital role in determining the lifespan of the bellman's cart.

Realizing that no one spends the entire budget on bellman's carts alone, with a larger purchase such as this, you do want to make sure you are getting the appropriate type of cart for your property. Wholesale Hotel Products offers a wide range of options that meet the needs of any size property. Keeping this idea in mind can make the buying process a less stressful experience for you and lead to a more enjoyable customer stay with you.